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          起升(标准提升门架)从 3500 至 3500 mm额定荷载/货物从 1,25 至 1,50 t80 V 3-phase AC technology giving powerful torque and high productivity
          Ergonomic workplace with electrically adjustable operators console
          Low cost operation through two-fold energy reclamation and effective energy management
          The EKX 513 / 515 high rack stackers stand for high performance in the narrow aisle warehouse. They set new standards with regards to flexibilitylow cost operation and ergonomics.
          Flexibility through modular construction:
          this model has over 5 million possible configurations providing flexibility from the start. The advantage is adaptability to any warehousing and logistics operation. An intelligent truck management with our in house electronic controllerand CAN-Bus system keeps the options open for a wide range of requirements with a large number of additional safety features.
          Excellent performance and energy efficiency:
          the important factors for fast throughput and outstanding cost efficiency. This is precisely what is provided by Jungheinrich’s 3-phase AC technology with higher performance and low energy usage. The advantage: full utilisation over two shifts in normal operation without battery change.
          This high efficiency is available to the EKX operator with effortless ease. The cab provides a generous workplace with excellent visibility. At the centre of the operators cab is the electronically adjustable operators cab:
          Informative colour display. Important operating data is easily and legibly laid out.
          All parameters and programmes can be set individually.
          Softkeys to control functions and menus.
          Travel and hydraulics control via thumb operation.
          Two-handed operation for high safety and operating comfort. Sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information on to the onboard computer.
          Pioneer of 3-phase AC technology
          Performance module (optional) for highest flexibility
          RFID floor quality recognition control (optional)
          Ergonomics and comfort
          Commissioning and maintenance
          High productivity
          Energy management module
          Integrated Jungheinrich personnel protection system (PPS)
          Control and CAN-Bus system
          Reliable operation – high availability
          Pioneer of 3-phase AC technology
          Over 150,000 Jungheinrich 3-phase AC trucks are in use all over the world. This depth of knowledge is reflected in today’s drive and control technology:
          Excellent productivity.
          Low energy consumption.
          Reduced maintenance and wear.
          High productivity
          AC motors with high torque.
          Excellent acceleration and fast cab and supplementary lift speeds.
          Simultaneous lifting / lowering of main and supplementary lift.
          Quiet swivelling reach system with high travel speed.
          Travel direction and height dependent diagonal travel speed profiles.
          Fast working cycles with synchronised swivel (optional).
          Performance module (optional) for highest flexibility
          "Lifting" module: Lift speed 0.52 m/sec and optimisation of swivel reach movement with load recognition (EKX 515).
          "Swivel reach" module: Maximum dynamics during stacking in with load recognition (EKX 513).
          "Floor quality recognition" module: Optimisation of travel speed (to 12 km/h) on warehouse floor conditions (in connection with RFID floor control).
          "Capacity" module: Increased residual capacities with active stabilisers.
          Energy management module
          Doubled energy reclamation through regenerative braking and lowering.
          Longer operating times with one battery charge (up to 2 shifts).
          Shorter charging times.
          Active energy / battery management.
          Longer battery life.
          Battery rollers for quick battery change.
          RFID floor quality recognition control (optional)
          Truck control with transponder technology.
          Permanent route measuring for exact recognition of all warehouse areas.
          High flexibility regarding switching and safety functions (aisle end stoplift / travel switch- offspeed reduction).
          Optimisation of travel speed relative to the profile of the floor.
          Integrated Jungheinrich personnel protection system (PPS)
          Optionally availablefactory fitted and integrated into the trucks electronic controller / CAN-Bus.
          Projectingcommissioning and maintenance carried out by Jungheinrich.
          Ergonomics and comfort
          Generously dimensioned entrance into the cab.
          Large foot welladjustable knee supports.
          Excellent visibility towards the load with low swivelling sideshift and clear view masts.
          Sprungadjustable and foldable comfort seat.
          Electrically adjustable operating console with colour display.
          Soft key pad (softkey) with number block.
          Individual travel programmes.
          Switchless two-handed operating concept.
          Stop position/transfer cushioning of all hydraulic functions.
          Control and CAN-Bus system
          All functions are adjustable.
          Electronically controlled drive wheel brake and non-wearing electromagnetic laminated brake on load wheels.
          Electrically active stabilisers for maximum capacities to high lift heights (optional).
          Commissioning and maintenance
          Fast and safe commissioning through teaching process.
          Integrated diagnostic system for remote maintenance via modem.
          1000 operating hours service interval.
          Electronics with non-wearing sensor system.
          The gear oil in maintenance-free and sealed for life.
          Revolution counter on wheels with traction control and wear recognition on drive wheel.
          Reliable operation – high availability
          Robust and non-wearing 3-phase AC drives without wearing parts.
          70% fewer cables and plugs due to CAN-Bus.
          Extremely torsion-resistant mast for high residual capacities and low mast sway.



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